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Greek Online Banking

I tend to moan and bitch about the British online banking systems, but today I actually remembered that Greek people are in a far worse position than me.

At least with my HSBC account I can send money without commision to all major British banks, usually instantly.

The only thing that annoys me a bit is my secure key (a little device that gives you a one time password after you enter your pin to access you e-banking).

Well today, I had to transfer money from a Greek bank account of mine to another one and I had to pay commision 50 cents. It is not a big amount, but still, they have no right to make money this way in 2014.

First hit.

I had to find my Greek number sim card in order to receive an "extraPin".

I wonder what happens if somebody loses his phone. First of all it is not secure (somebody can transfer all your money and if he knows how to do it properly with a chain of transactions, the money will be dispersed in various bank accounts, one in Gibraltar, the other one in Canary Islands etc).

But odds are that nothing of the above will happen. I will probably have to travel to Greece, enter a store, waste the time of an employee explaining the situation etc. The bank is wasting its resources and I am wasting my time.

Second hit.

I had to find a way to convert an account number of another bank to an IBAN format. Some may say that this is not a tragedy since calculating an IBAN is easy if you know the account number and the bank.

And I will answer to them, well, if it is not a tragedy, why isn't the bank making this job for you? You lend them your money, they have to provide you with these types of services and make your life a bit easier.

The worst of all is the fact that they would charge me 9 euros if I don't calculate the IBAN.

Now, ladies and gentlemen, I call this a proper white collar theft. They are stealing money from the people that don't have the knowledge and the means to calculate something that THE BANKS invented in order to make transactions easier and safer between different banks.

Third hit.

After the transaction was complete, the final straw has been pulled out for me. I remembered that in 2014, Greek banks, will not transfer the money until Monday morning. And today is Friday night.

There is no way somebody can find an excuse for this in 2014, sorry.

This was the fourth and last hit.

I don't want to imagine having to run a business that transactions happen ofter in Greece. I just don't.

Fri Mar 28th, 21:40:40 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

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